Covid-19 Testing and Lessons Learned

Sometimes life takes us by surprise. What we focus on determines what we are. We are what we think we should be. If we don't like what we are, we need to change what we think we should me. I went in to get tested for Covid 19 and I can tell, you I was feeling very anxious, especially what the backlash would be If I turned out positive, I would have not only endangered my family but I would have made the news since I am a first responder. My faith got me through it but I still had to wait three days for the results. My test came out negative and I learned several life lessons along the way. 1) We only have a determined amount of time on this planet. 2) We choose what we think about.

3) Every day we can make a positive impact on someone 4) You do not have to let negative thoughts rule you, acknowledge them and move on. 5) Live in the now. We will get through this and will be stronger! Stay focused and be thankful for past and future blessings.

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